Contemporary photorealist painter, Agnes Lefevre is half-french and half- vietnamese, she was born in Paris, and raised in Paris and Noumea. She studied painting in "les Ateliers de la ville de Paris", and with an artist. Although the base of her paintings is always a photo, that she usually takes herself, she works with traditional oil painting methods and tools.
She is represented by : Kyo Gallery (Alexandria - USA), and Shayne Gallery (Montreal - Canada)

2013 : Galerie Mouvances (Paris)
2017 : 508 Kings Road Gallery (London)
2017 : "La nature abstraite de la réalité" Eglise de la Madeleine (Paris)
2018 : Riviera Gallery (Cannes) 
2018 : Kyo Gallery (Alexandria - USA) 
2018 : 508 Kings Road Gallery - Christmas Group Exhibition 
2018 : Shayne Gallery (Montreal)
2019 : 508 Kings Road Gallery